Dear Table Tennis Fans!
The Neteyes Ltd. regrets to inform you that no services during Youth
Europe TOP 10 and LIEBHERR Europe TOP 12 will be available on this site.

- Neteyes provided the ETTU with 24 days of professional broadcasting in
2009, free of charge
- ETTU failed to fulfill its only contractual obligation,
- Consequently Neteyes Ltd. did not pay the fee for these rights
- As a result ETTU informed Neteyes Ltd. about the cancellation of the 2
years contract and withdraw Neteyes' rights to broadcast from above events

Despite our efforts to solve our contractual problems with ETTU in a
friendly manner, ETTU Presidium decided to terminate our valid contract
with immediate effect.

The Neteyes Ltd. with all its collaborators enjoyed working on this
project and we thank to all of you for visiting this site.
We apologize for the inconvenience this unpleasant situation may cause
to table tennis fans and their families.

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Sincerely Yours,
Tibor Janity
Executive Director
Neteyes Ltd.